Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter in Three Parts: Part 1

So a few days before Easter, we decided to try and get a few Spring/Easter pictures of the boys outside at my mom's house. They still can't quite sit up on their own, so we tried to get creative. :) We used the same basket we took pictures of them in when they were newborns; I'll have to dig that picture up to compare. They can prop themselves up when they're on their tummies, so we got a few in that position as well. I bought some bunny ears and colorful pinwheels in the dollar isle at Target (woo!) So here are the best pictures we got! (They are wearing their Easter shirts that say Egg Hunt Champion but it's hard to read.)

Oh, and we mixed them up about a million times. When they were on their stomachs, we were trying to get someone's attention and calling him "Henry!" Then when my mom picked them up, we realized that Holden was who we'd been calling Henry...Sigh. Guess I shouldn't dress them the same, or shouldn't mix them around like we were! If it helps, Henry is the one with a scratch on his nose. :)

Grumpy face: "Remind me why we're doing this again?"
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