Sunday, April 1, 2012

Henry at Six Months

Dear Henry,
Here is what we know about you at six months old! You were born first, so technically you're the "big brother", but you've been smaller than Holden for a while now. You weighed 13 pounds, 10 ounces at your six month check-up, and you were 25 inches tall!  You are mommy's good sleeper at night; you can sleep all the way through if Holden doesn't wake you! I usually wake you up to feed you with your brother, and you usually are sucking your thumb. I love that you can comfort yourself and put yourself back to sleep! Everyone says you are the more easy-going baby. You smile for everyone, and love to be held by anyone. You do seem to have a very sweet personality. You don't like to do tummy time, and you can roll over, but you prefer to cry instead, until you're picked up! Now that you're a little taller, you like to play in the exersaucer or jumperoo. You like to laugh, especially when you're being tickled! You think getting your shirt taken off is very funny, it must tickle you to take your arms out of the sleeves. Right now you're not napping as long as your brother, so you've been waking up first most days. But like I said, you sleep great at night! You've gotten the hang of eating from a spoon, even though sometimes you want to help mommy or daddy with the spoon, or you'd rather eat your bib! You've had mostly cereal and now avocado, which you seem to like pretty well. Within the next few weeks, you'll get to try lots of new foods! You like car rides and stroller walks, and like going new places, like playdates. You're happy watching what's going on around you. You like baths for the most part, until I have to put lotions and creams on you afterwards. In general, you like everything!! You are fussy if you're tired or hungry or in pain from teething, but that seems pretty normal to me. Most of the time you are easily comforted by being picked up, which is good because you have an awful lot of people who love to hold you! We are starting to get into a pretty good daily routine, which is nice for all of us. Mommy is looking forward to the nice weather so we can start to explore outside and go more places. She is a lucky mommy to have such amazing little boys. She can't wait to see what you will be like at one year old! Love you, Henry.
Love, Mommy

Here are some pictures to show how much you've changed in six months! You have grown and changed a lot!

Henry, six months old

Henry, one week old

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