Sunday, April 1, 2012

Holden at Six Months

Dear Holden,
Here is what we know about you at six months old. You were the "little" brother at birth, but you've surpassed Henry in weight for a while now! At your checkup, you weighed 14 pounds, 5 ounces, and were 25 and 3/4 inches long. Many people would call you the more "demanding" baby, since you aren't afraid to let us know what you want! You wake up most nights around 4 am and have an extra snack, since you really like to eat! You nap pretty well though, and sometimes want to sleep longer than Henry. You are also the serious one, with a very intense gaze. You have a wide-eyed look when you take new things and people in. (And you never smile in pictures, darn it!) You are very strong, too, since you can now roll over both directions. You love to play on the play mat and grab at toys to help you roll different directions. You can push up easily, and hold your head up for a long time. It's probably time to start baby-proofing the house, since you could start crawling any time! You like to eat solids, just like your brother. Sometimes you're easily distracted by the dog or seeing outside, or you want to help us with the spoon. But you seem to be doing well with all the foods we've tried so far. Like your brother, you're a very sweet baby. You love to be held, go on walks or car rides, and don't mind your baths. You are getting more independent, since you can now play by yourself on the playmat or in one of the exersaucers for longer times. But when you don't want to be put down, watch out! You let us know!! You also like to laugh, and we love figuring out the things that make you giggle. You laugh when the people around you do, sometimes after, like you're just getting the joke a little late. Mommy thinks it is the cutest thing ever when you laugh at Lanore! I hope I can get it on video sometime. We are starting to get into a pretty good daily routine, which is nice for all of us. Mommy is looking forward to the nice weather so we can start to explore outside and go more places. She is a lucky mommy to have such amazing little boys. She can't wait to see what you will be like at one year old! Love you, Holden.
Love, Mommy

Here are some pictures to show how much you've changed in six months! You have grown and changed a lot!

Holden, one week

Holden, six months

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