Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Seven months!

So the boys are seven months old, as of last Wednesday. We took some pictures that didn't turn out, so I'll have to re-do them and add them later.

But it was a big month around here! Holden weighs in at 15 pounds, 6 ounces, which means he gained nearly a pound in the last month. (And that he's getting close to tripling his birth weight!) Henry was 14 pounds, 7 ounces, so he didn't gain quite a pound. But they're both on their "curve", even though they're on the small side! Helping them gain all this weight was a ton of new foods! In the last month, they've tried avocado, banana, pears, peas, sweet potato, apples, carrot, and mango! They love everything...EXCEPT the peas. I mix the rice cereal or oatmeal in with the fruits to thicken it and try to increase the seems like they can eat a ton! We freeze stuff in the ice cube trays, and they'll easily eat 5 to 6 cubes between them. Hopefully we'll try some more green vegetables soon, and maybe they'll like green beans or something.

Both boys are able to sit up pretty well, so they were sitting up for their photo shoot last weekend. (They still topple over, and Henry's able to stay up longer.) They roll and scootch around really well! We put them down on the floor and they try to wiggle around to different parts of the living room. Holden especially can hold himself up on his hands, and is finally getting his knees under him! He's moved backwards, and got stuck under the swing the other day! I think crawling forward shouldn't be too far away! They love to play in their jumperoo and exersaucer, and love to put everything into their mouths. They roll over during diaper changes now, so that makes things a little more difficult. They still like going on walks, and we took a walk on the Monon for the first time last week with some of our friends. I'm starting to worry a little about sunscreen, and making sure we get it on them but wondering how it'll affect their skin, but we have some cute hats to try, too.

Both boys are more vocal now, too! They really laugh at things and people now. Henry is still quicker to smile at people, but Holden loves when I "scare" him and say "boo!" We've gotten a few cute videos of them laughing lately. Henry likes to hear the sound of his voice and makes lots of different high pitch noises. Holden has learned to say "Ba" and will say it over and over to himself...while he's on the floor or in his's pretty cute.

Sleep is still decent. They went through a period of waking earlier again, (like around 11 pm or midnight which is a bummer for me since I was just getting to sleep) but then they went back to waking around 5 am or 6 am to sleep. Sometimes they'll sleep through the night! I'm guessing maybe they're just going through a growth spurt, or they're in pain from teething. The teething hasn't been too bad, but they just seem kinda cranky sometimes. They constantly have a toy or hand or shirt in their mouths, and they're drooling a lot! Which is rough on their skin around their mouths, but we try to keep putting Aquaphor on it. We're trying to keep the ezcema under control with baths most nights and lots of creams and ointments. I'm still hoping it'll improve as we get into summer, Alex still thinks it's a food allergy that causes it to flare up. Naps during the day are also decent. I don't ever get a long nap, but the three shorter ones are pretty consistent. I'm guessing at some point we'll drop one nap and one of the others will get longer, but we're good with where we are now.

So in general, it's busy around here, but good! I feel like I've been able to get out a little more, to have lunch or playdates with friends or even a trip to Target. The boys are pretty good and seem to like going places and moving in the car or stroller. In general, they're very sweet and happy boys! It's hard to imagine they won't be my cuddly babies much longer, and that soon they'll be able to run in different directions! It's so exciting watching them grow up, but looking back at pictures from when they were born, it's already hard to remember them that small. I'm starting to try and think about birthday party ideas...pretty crazy! And we need to think about baby proofing the house and getting bigger carseats...I think we'll stay busy the next few months!

Here are the pictures. (I took a ton, I might have to do an "outtakes" post later with some other favorites. The light was weird the first time, so I took more another day.) The first one with Henry looked better on my computer...I don't know why it didn't crop like I had it. The second two I couldn't decide between the two shocked expressions! :)

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