Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter: Part 3

Finally! It was Easter morning! I was so excited to see what the boys would think of their baskets. (They were with me and my mom when we bought the stuff for it, but hey, they don't remember that.) We got everything at Target. They got: a stuffed dinosaur, a Gerber puffs snack, 2 cloth blocks each (came in a pack of four and I had been eyeing them for a while) and a jiggly toy. I bought some eggs, but we didn't put anything in them this year. They'll be ready to go for next year! And of course we bought the baskets; I thought they were pretty cute. The bunny ears were from Target too, gotta love that dollar isle! :)



So I wanted a picture of each boy with their basket, and I was interested to see how they'd react, if they'd reach for stuff or be uninterested. But as soon as I set Holden down next to his basket, he went for it! He started grabbing the pinwheel and then the block. When we set Henry down next to him, he was looking at all Holden's stuff, until Alex showed him he had his own basket! My favorite series of pictures is when Henry gets out his cow toy, and then in the next picture Holden has grabbed it away, and then in the third picture, Henry steals it back! I'm sure this is only the beginning...let the brother rivalry/toy stealing officially begin! :) Then they decided to chew on the pinwheels, of course the only non-appropriate toy to mouthe, so we had to take those away. And in the last picture, Holden is practically inside the basket, like he's saying, wait, that's all? I think this means their first birthday and Christmas will be really fun this year, since they'll be much more interested in what they're getting!!

Henry, "This is a cool cow!"

Holden "Yeah, I think I'll swipe that."

Henry, "Nope, sorry, it's mine."

Holden, "What? It's over? There's nothing left in here but grass!"
After all the excitement of the baskets, we put them down for a nap, they got up and ate their pears and cereal, took a bath, got dressed, got packed, and headed to the Amerman's! Whew! We had Easter dinner down there, and the boys had a good time. Their Aunt Liz and Grandpa Dave were happy to hold them and walk around with them. We took a walk during the afternoon, and got a few pictures with our bunny ears. Henry matched his grandpa; they were both wearing orange shirts and khaki! Cute. We had to fight them to get a nap in, but we finally got them to sleep for a bit, which was a good thing. Grandma Gina made them a sweet potato, and they split a whole one between the two of them! These boys like to eat, which you couldn't tell by looking at them because they're so little. Finally, right at the end of the day, we got a SUPER cute video of Henry laughing at his cousin Emma. She kept saying, "Oh Henry, you're so funny," and for some reason, he thought this was hilarious! She had to have said it ten times and he laughed after each one! :) So it was a busy and tiring weekend, but it was a great one! The boys should have great memories of their first Easter. (Ok, not exactly memories...but I took enough pictures that they can remember that way!)

Grandpa and Henry match!


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