Sunday, April 15, 2012

Milestone watch: First teeth!

Holden had his first tooth poke through Friday, April 13th! He had been fussy/clingy, and I felt around in there and felt something sharp poking through!! (Just when I had given up on them getting any teeth, and was starting to feel cool with them not biting, me, ha!)

Yesterday, we got some pictures done at my friend Christie's, but the boys completely melted down before very long. (Luckily she's awesome enough to still get some great shots in just the first few minutes!) And sure enough, I felt Henry's mouth later that night, and felt his first tooth too! He couldn't let his brother steal the show!

More on the picture session later, and hopefully some pictures of teeth to come! They also tried puffs (like fruit flavored Cheerios, they melt in their mouths) for the first time and seemed to like them! Holden almost got one in his mouth by himself! :) My boys are getting so big....

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