Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter: Part 2

Saturday we went to my parents' house for our Easter dinner. I spent the early part of the day shopping (woo) and got a few things for me and a few for the boys. I had found the cute hats in the first picture at Target, but of course they had only one plaid one. So I asked them to see if they had any in another store, and they had one in the north Carmel one. I also had been LOVING the shoes my friend Kelly had for her son, and happened to see the same pair at the store! So I snatched them up. :) Thanks for letting me match you, Kelly. We'll have to get a picture with all three boys. The first picture here is before we left the house in their super cute outfits...just in case they didn't make it to Grandma and Grandpa's! (You never know with these two...they still spit up an awful lot.)

After a yummy dinner where the boys were pretty good (next year they'll probably be at the table with us, instead of us passing them around and eating in shifts!) we decided to take a few family pictures outside. My mom has a great yard and some flowers in bloom, so I thought it'd make for some nice "spring-y" pictures. Alex and I probably don't look that great, but the boys look cute! :) And I always feel like I don't have enough pictures that I'm actually in. (Same for my mom, I feel like one of the two of us is always taking the picture!) So here are some of our favorites from that day. At least I have a few to print out and maybe frame! Can't wait to get their real six month pictures done soon (even though it'll be closer to seven months by then!) Oh, and we for sure won't mix them up this time. Henry is wearing the ORANGE shirt and Holden is wearing the GREEN one! Yay! 

Henry to Holden, "Dude, do you think we're about done here? Sheesh."

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