Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eight Months Old

Henry look so little!

Time is flying...I didn't even realize it was May 18th, already! Can't believe the boys are 8 months. We celebrated with another trip to the doctor. This time it was mostly good news, Holden still does not have an ear infection, and Henry's was looking better. (Both boys are still very stuffy and snotty and Holden has a nasty sounding rasp/cough. But they're hopefully on the mend, they don't seem to be as fussy or miserable as last weekend.) So we were able to get "official" 8 month weights at the doctor's office. Henry is 15 pounds, 7 ounces, and Holden is 16 pounds 4 ounces. Holden is starting to feel pretty heavy when you pick him up!! :) After the doctor's office we headed to our Friday playdate to hang with friends for a while. The frustrating thing is that by the time I get them up, fed and dressed/changed and out the door, by the time we get to the playdate, it's practically nap time again! So I feel like I always have fussy babies that need a nap, and they end up sleeping instead of getting to play. Hopefully they'll be moving to a longer afternoon nap at some point? It would be awesome...

Holden hangin' in the high chair

So, what's happened in the last month. We switched them up to size 3 diapers, but they're still in 6-9 month clothes. Can't think of any other major milestones. They still babble and talk to us, they love to bounce in their jumperoo (they really get it and like to go crazy!) and they're still SO close to crawling. They can get from point A to point B to get what they want, but not official hands and knees crawling yet. Of course the things they want are always the non-toys, like the wipes container, the remote, or my ipod! They like to go for the same toy, or steal the one their brother has. It's sort of cute now, but I can sense the major rivalry coming in the future! They don't really play together yet, but I think they enjoy having someone else around. I enjoy it for sure, because I can leave the room for a second and they don't feel alone. If I take one of them out of the room to change a diaper or something, the left behind brother starts to cry!

They still enjoy eating solids. They've tried some new foods this month, and seem to be ok with all of them. I had more luck getting them to eat vegetables, including green beans and squash. (I cooked the green beans with apple juice, according to a recipe in our baby book, so I think that helped to have the sweet taste! Hey, whatever works.) Naps are still three hour long times a day, which like I said earlier, makes it really tough to leave the house or get things done. I will really enjoy when they can stay up longer without being cranky, and then sleep a longer stretch in the afternoon. Night time sleep has gone way backwards this month. Henry was waking up I think when he got his ear infection, and now they're both in the habit of waking 1-2 times a night. This has NOT been good for me and Alex. I'm not quite sure how to get us back on schedule besides letting them cry, which is hard on all of us. So I've been going in there to feed them most of the times they wake. Sigh. We're still doing a bath almost every day, along with lotion, etc, before bed. So we have quite the long evening ritual around here. But in general, they are both very sweet, loving babies! They usually have a very serious look, but they enjoy anyone holding them. We love to get them to laugh, and they're starting to understand little games like "peek a boo". They like walks and being outside, and I'm looking forward to summer stuff, like getting a baby pool and a swing for the backyard!

On Saturday, we went to lunch and used the restaurant high chairs for the first time (instead of keeping them in their carseats). Holden did ok, Henry looked so tiny in his! He cried after a few minutes and Alex had to hold them. After lunch, we took our first family walk on the Monon! It was slightly crazy because it was so hot, but it was fun. I hope we keep it up, since both Alex and I want to be in better shape!!! Sunday we visited Grandma and Grandpa A and hung out at their house. We took another walk in the 90 degree heat...we are crazy people, I guess! :)

Oh, and special thanks to Aunt Lauren and Uncle Evan! They came for dinner Saturday night and helped get the boys smiling for their month photo shoot. :) It'll be so cute to look back on these...they're already so much bigger than the bears!! (And much more interested in destroying the sign each month...)
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