Saturday, May 12, 2012

Family weekend!

We had a busy, family weekend! Alex's sister Erica came in from California on Wednesday, and his sister Stephanie came in from Georgia on Thursday, with the boys' cousin Josh! On Saturday, his family ran the mini, including his dad, sister Lesley, Erica and Alex, and his mom and her sister. Alex ran/walked the mini with Erica, since he didn't have time to train beforehand. Stephanie and Josh met them all at the finish line, but I didn't really think I could manage the parking and crowds with the boys by myself. (We've got a cute picture of the family at the finish, but I need to find who took it before I can put it up here! :)

Aunt Erica and Henry

Sunday we got ready early and drove down to his mom's house. And FINALLY the boys got to meet Aunt Erica! She even got a chance to feed them their peaches for breakfast, and later avocado for dinner. (Feeding them in the Bumbo chair is quite a task...they like to try and turn around and wiggle out! Hasn't happened yet because of the tray, but it probably will at some point...) The boys got to hang with cousin Josh, who's a few months older. He is crawling and able to get into everything, but the boys didn't seem to take note of how to crawl. I can't wait to watch the three of them actually play together when they get a little older! We snapped a ton of cute pictures of the three of them, I tried to narrow it down to just the best few. But how lucky that they have a cousin their age to grow up with! (And another boy, too! We've got plenty of boy cousins, that's for sure!) We basically just hung out all day, and even got the boys to take a few decent naps.

Aunt Erica and Holden

The boys' cousins Abby, Emma, and Jack came for lunch, so we got a few pictures with them as well. And another first...I managed to get a picture of Uncle Neal holding the boys! (To be clear, he has held them a few times...just never managed to snap a picture!! :) So it was a pretty laid back day, but nice! We got to spend time with everyone and just talk and catch up. Erica is getting married here next March, so she's in the middle of planning. It was fun to talk wedding details, even though I know she's got a lot of decisions still ahead of her!

Monday, Alex's mom, dad and Erica came up to our house for a few minutes, and then we went to dinner at Puccini's. It was nice to have a little more time together, and that Erica got to see the boys' nursery! (Obviously, I'm partial to it...need to post a new picture soon since it's "finished".) The boys did pretty good at the restaurant, and we enjoyed our yummy pizza. We were sad to see Erica go, but I know she'll be back for a visit in the fall! Maybe around their first birthday party...hint, hint. :) I'm so glad the boys got to meet her! 
Cousins! (Holden was still sleeping)

Jack asked me to take a picture of him :)

Isn't Josh a cutie???

Finally, Uncle Neal makes a blog appearance
Grandma, Aunts and cousins!
Henry, Josh, Holden
These three will be trouble some day...
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