Thursday, May 31, 2012

Race Day Cookout!

Cousin Megan, her girls, and Emma playing with the twins

Ugh, I'm getting behind again! It's already a week late posting this. We've got some changes coming up, and with the boys crawling and getting into everything, I guess I haven't felt like getting on the blog for a while. But anyway, my aunt has a cookout each race day at her house. I remember going last year when I was pregnant, and seeing my cousin's twin boys and seeing what I was in for! So I was pretty excited to bring my boys this year.

They got to meet several of my cousins/aunts/second cousins/etc (I think most of my "cousins" are actually my second cousins, since they're my cousins' what does that make my second cousin's kids to my kids? Ack! We can all just be cousins. OK now the word "cousins" looks really weird...) Anyway, we put the boys on a blanket in the yard since they were just starting to crawl. And all of the little girls came right over to sit and play with the boys! It was so CUTE. We also got to see Jenni's boys on their "motorcycles" and see how fast they love to race around! Jenni and Tommy had to jump in front of them before they raced into the street! :) And I love that whatever her kids have gives me great ideas for my boys' first birthday coming up.... (Wagon, motorcycles, etc. :)

How cute is this picture???
We just hung out all afternoon and enjoyed the yummy food. My mom brings macaroni, my aunt Sharon makes potato salad, there's always dirt pudding (my fave!) and Alex made a strawberry pie. (I didn't even get any, there was none left to bring home!) The boys did really well; they pretty much missed a nap by being there all afternoon. But they were pretty happy getting passed around to people. My cousins from Michigan were there, who I haven't seen since I was probably 12! I'm friends with them on facebook, but it was cool to see them for a bit "in real life". So that was pretty much it! I wish we got together more, but it's nice to always have race day to look forward to. It's fun to think that next year my boys will be running around and probably playing with all the other kids! I'm not sure if that'll be more or less work for me... :)

Stopping them before the street!

Aunt Sharon and Henry
Cousin Shannon and Holden
Michigan fam!
Me and cousin Lindsay
Best we got of Grandma and Grandpa
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