Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Six/Seven Month Photo Shoot

I've been waiting to get/post these forever! We got our pictures taken by my friend Christie, and I love them! It turned out to be quite the ordeal. I wanted 6 month pictures, but we ended up scheduling it closer to their 7 month birthday. And of course we chose the weekend that their first teeth happened to be coming through....great choice. So Christie managed to get some cute ones in before Henry was howling and unable to be put down. That's why they're so serious, they were both unhappy. They look sad in our family picture, but I love it! At least we got one. :) Holden is in green stripes and Henry in yellow.

We went back another day and were able to get a few good ones of them smiling. We used their cute onesies with their names, so you can tell them apart on your own! We also took a few pictures in the bowties that Christie makes. She started making hairbows and headbands for girls, and a few of us urged her to make some cute stuff for boys! So Henry and Holden get to be the models for her cute boy ties. If you would like to browse her selection, visit her store here.


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  1. Oh gosh, the bow ties are TOO MUCH!! SO stinkin' adorable!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!