Monday, May 14, 2012

The Sickness/First Ear Infection

So my friends had been talking about the symptoms of their kids' ear infections, and I thought it sounded like what Henry was doing. (He'd started waking again in the night, and they both had been rubbing/pulling at their ears and both had started having runny noses.) I figured I was probably being a hypocondriach, but I scheduled a doctor's appointment. Of course, that night, Holden screamed for over an hour and we had to put him to sleep in the swing since he wouldn't calm down any other way. So at that point I was glad I had made the appointment!

The doctor checked them out and said that Henry did have an ear infection in his left ear. So we started him on the antibiotic, and kept both boys on Motrin for pain and to help with the cold symptoms. She said in her experience, if one twin has an ear infection, the other will get it. So she wouldn't prescribe the antibiotic for Holden, but basically said to bring him back if something changed. I asked her what caused the infection, and it sounds like there's really no way to know. (She said daycare or secondhand smoke can increase the ear infections, but the boys aren't around either!) Supposedly ear infections are not contagious...but it sounds strange to me! If Holden is going to get one too, isn't he "catching" it from Henry? Guess we'll see. She said to bring Henry back in 10 days when he finished the antibiotic, so when we go back, I'll have them check Holden again.

That was a Thursday, so I knew we had a long weekend ahead! They were both pretty miserable. I went to the weekly playdate, just because I really missed my friends and I had to get out of the house! But man, it almost wasn't worth it. Both boys were so clingy and couldn't be put down, they were just crying and fussy. Which is unusual for both of them; I'm lucky to have two boys who can play on their own pretty well. We wanted to get another group picture....Ha! The boys were screaming so much they were upsetting the other kids, so we decided to hold the babies for the picture. Luckily, you can't tell how much they're screaming. :) So it's still pretty cute! Anyway, thank you mommy friends for holding them and letting me eat lunch and chill out for a few minutes!

The weekend was long...Alex and I were sick, too. I had a sore throat and cold that I'm still getting over. Holden hasn't seemed to "change" like the doctor said, so I'm hoping he just had a cold or was teething. He's not pulling at his ears or anything like that. Unfortunately, when the babies are sick, we just all seem to pass it around. I feel like we missed lots of fun stuff last weekend (my cousins and several friends were doing the March for Babies for March of Dimes) but hopefully we'll be on the mend by this weekend!

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