Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy (Very Belated) Earth Day!

I know I have been so bad with blogging lately! I've had a lot on my mind and wasn't sure if the blog was the right place to vent my depressing thoughts! I figure most of you come for the cute baby pictures, so I won't disappoint! (And I have about 5 posts I need to do, so I will try to catch up this weekend, but with the sickness in our house, we'll have to see! More on that later, of course.)

So my friend Ashley got us these shirts at my baby shower. She said they were really a gift for Alex, since she always jokes about how he wants to save the Earth. And the fact that he recycles/holds on to everything (read: piles stuff in our garage. Which she knows, as she helped me clean said garage last summer when I was pregnant.) Anyway, the shirts happened to fit on Earth Day, so we did a little photo shoot! Who knows, Earth Day may end up being a big holiday in our house! Maybe next year we can plant a tree or something nice for the earth, as penance for all the diapers we throw away... :) Anyway, at this point, any excuse to "celebrate" a holiday with a cute picture is good with me!

Shirt reads: My Earth Needs Your Love

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