Monday, February 6, 2012

Birthday party for Leah

Saturday we had my birthday party, since we hadn't had people over in a long while! We always like to entertain (and it gives us a good excuse to clean up the house!) and we hadn't tried to have people over since before the boys were born. Alex was awesome (as usual) and made all my favorites, including chex mix, Italian beef sandwiches, potato casserole, bourbon slush, and a cake from scratch! We had plenty of food left over, but that's ok, we ate it again during the Super Bowl. :)

My friend Christie brought her girls, and we got a picture of all three babies together, wearing their Super Bowl onesies! Charlotte is 6 weeks older than the boys, but they're still small for their age, so she looks older. (Henry is in the red onesie, and Holden is in the white. His belly looks so big! I don't know why he looks so much fatter than Henry all of a sudden. :) I got a few pictures of people holding the boys and we took a couple group shots. Still none of ME holding the boys, now that I think about it. How does that always happen?? Oh, well. We had a great time! It was nice to catch up with people, and we got a few rounds of Catch Phrase in at the end of the evening. Again, I'm a lucky girl! I have some great friends, I just need to see some of them more often!

(Pictures: Christie, me and all four kids! Babies in Super Bowl gear, Henry, Charlotte, Holden, Aunt Lauren and Holden in the rocking chair, Ashlyn and Henry, Ashley and Holden, both in Super Bowl attire, group picture without Alex, group picture without Christie, and group picture of the girls! Not too bad for so many people and babies! :)  

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