Sunday, February 5, 2012

First birthday as a Mom!

My birthday was Friday, first one as a mom! Funny to think that last year I was probably JUST pregnant (we hadn't found out yet), I was working, and we had a snow day! So much snow that I could barely get my car out of the neighborhood to go to lunch. But this year, it was a beautiful day! Alex stayed home from work since I'd been having a stressful week, which was nice. So we had breakfast together, and he started working on food for our party the next night. I got a few pictures of the boys in their elephant outfits, which match the ones they wore home from the hospital. (I didn't get one of me with them before the outfits got dirty!!) I got to leave the house for a little while and go browse the mall, and later even took the boys and Lanore on a walk around the neighborhood. Who would have guessed we'd have such great weather in February! Then we met my parents and brother and sister-in-law for dinner.

I think I've gone to La Hacienda (my favorite Mexican place in Carmel) on my birthday for at least the last three years...maybe more. I know I went with my mom and dad and Alex last year. So we had to keep up the tradition! Which meant that Henry and Holden got to go out to a restaraunt for the first time in their little lives!! I knew it would be a pretty safe bet, since it's fairly loud and kid-friendly. The last few times Alex and I had gone to eat there, the servers had asked when we'd bring the babies! (Yes, the servers know us, that's how often we used to go!) The boys were sleeping in the carseats when we got there, and then they decided to both wake up screaming at the same time!! But since we had plenty of arms to hold them, they calmed down pretty quickly. We took turns passing them around and eating our food. We got a few pictures with my mom's phone to document. Some are a little blurry, but it's still fun to have them! So it was a good day. I'm lucky to have a great husband and supportive family and (obviously) two very cute little boys! (Love the one with Alex and Holden below, with them looking opposite directions! And the boys were dressed in their football shirts and socks in honor of the Super Bowl!)

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  1. You guys are too cute!! I LOVE the second pic of the boys in the chair. Adorable! That is also one of my favorite places to eat! YUM!