Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fabulous Friday

We had a great day yesterday! The boys and I went to our support group again. It always takes me the ENTIRE morning to get ready, but it's worth it when we go! It's hard to get myself showered and ready and get them both fed and changed, pack the diaper bag, and get them both in the carseats while they (usually) scream, so I try to give myself plenty of time. We got in the car by 10, which left me time to get some breakfast and coffee on the way. Both boys were pretty content all morning. Holden was starting to play with his feet, which was pretty cute!

We got to group, and it was a small group this time, but it was all of our close friends! So it was fun to see some of the babies that we hadn't seen in a while. It's so cool to see the babies get bigger and more mobile, including some rolling over, sitting up, and crawling! And I love hearing stories from all the moms, especially stuff about teething, starting solid food, and sleeping for naps and at night. It always makes me feel better about how the boys are doing, or gives me an idea of what's ahead. And everyone is always so excited to see the boys and say how much bigger they're getting. I'm lucky to have such a cool group of moms to "grow" with! :) As I said last week, the boys do pretty well with tummy time at group, and they always look like they're so close to rolling over, but they never have. So I went ahead and put them both down on the blanket on their tummies, and I turned away for just a second. I heard some of the girls saying "Oh!" and I looked back to see Henry on his back!!! Yay! I put him back on his tummy and turned away for a split second, just to take a drink of my coffee....and yes, he rolled over again and I missed it!! :) He rolled two more times that I did get to see, but then he wouldn't do it any more. So no video yet. They both always look so close to rolling, and Holden can get to his side pretty easily. But they just have a little trouble getting all the way over. I think it's going to be soon, though!! 

The boys were fussy at the end of group and fell asleep in the car. I've been having trouble getting them to nap, but I took them in the house and put them in their room still in the carseat, and they both miraculously stayed asleep! My friend Christie came over with lunch, and it was nice to sit and talk with her for a while. She was showing me some photography stuff, and maybe one day I'll be able to take some good photos and figure out how to edit them! I'd love to get photo books done for the boys, but I definitely haven't started yet. When the boys woke up, we got some pictures of her and a really cute one of Holden! (The one at the bottom.) I LOVE their long eyelashes.

When Alex got home, it was nice enough to go take a walk. Still crazy to think how lucky we've been with the weather this year. We've had way more walks this winter than I bet we normally could have! After dinner, I went to Starbucks and read for a while, and then met up with Laura to catch up and just talk for a while. We went back to her house and talked some more, til like 10:00! I probably shouldn't have stayed up that late, but it was nice to be with friends and know that the babies were well taken care of. Alex does great with feeding them and putting them to bed, so it was a nice treat for me. :) So all in all, it was a great day! I just need to remember to keep being grateful for all my friends and support, and try to focus on the good days more than the bad.

LOVE this baby!! SOO CUTE!

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