Monday, February 13, 2012

The many friends of Henry and Holden!

These two boys are pretty lucky in life so far...they have an awful lot of people who love to visit and hold them! Here are some pictures of our friends. (They're going to have a pretty big first birthday party, if I had to guess!! :) I'm so glad some of you got to finally meet the boys!

My viola-playing music educator friend from Butler, Kendall!

Another college friend, fellow Pi Phi and roommate, Emily!

My awesome Butler/Pi Phi/NICU nurse friend, Ashlyn. (Huge help when you have babies staying in the hospital longer than you!)

Butler friend Michelle, and her husband Ben

Favorite mentor and fellow string teacher Kathy and her cute girls!

Uncle Jacob

Uncle Phalo

World's best next-door-neighbor and friend from high school, Ashley

 our best friends Laura and Jacob

PS-Follow my blog or leave a comment so I know who's reading and who still needs the link! :) Plus it makes me feel special...And thanks again to all of you for all of your help and support and for loving my boys so much!
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