Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Last year, This year, Next year

Oooh, it feels so luxurious to be blogging in the middle of the day...Why am I, you ask? No, it's not because both boys are taking a long nap. (I wish.) Uncle Evan and Phalo took the boys and Lanore on a walk on this nearly 50 degree February day! Don't worry, I made sure to straighten up a little and throw some laundry in, too. I didn't just blog. :)

I think a lot about the next few months. One of my mommy friends mentioned the other day thinking about when her baby was going to walk and talk, and I said I think about those things all the time! Last year at this time, I was just pregnant. We found out right before Valentine's Day, and I probably hadn't told anyone yet, maybe just my mom. So I wasn't even showing, hadn't been to the dr. yet, and didn't know there were two little surprises in there instead of just one. It seems so crazy to think that. Pregnancy felt like such a long time, yet here I am a full year later with FIVE month old boys!

Last year I was a teacher, working and loving my job. Probably at this point I was worrying about our upcoming recruitment concert for the fifth graders and picking out music for the spring concert. Now, a year later, I'm a stay at home mom! Not a choice I ever thought I'd make, but it was definitely the right choice for our family. I feel so lucky to be able to nurse the boys and stay home to see every milestone (even though some days I feel like I'm going crazy!) And if they were in daycare, I can't honestly imagine trying to get us all ready each morning and get out of the house. Everyone tells me I would have had to give up breastfeeding, that pumping at work would have been too much. Who knows, I'd like to think I could have done it, but it would have definitely been difficult! My mom has said several times she's glad they're not in daycare, since it's probably hard for the caregivers to hold them when they both cry. And it would have probably been most of one of our incomes to send TWO babies to daycare.

A year from now...It's hard to imagine! Next February, I will have two toddlers. The boys will be walking and probably making life extremely crazy for us. :) Obviously I will have to start thinking about baby-proofing the house at some point soon. I'm guessing they'll be starting to talk, or at least be able to communicate with us better than they can now. In my mind, I'm picturing life to be a lot more fun in some ways. We'll be able to get out of the house more, go to story time at the library, parks, playdates, zoo, Children's Museum, etc. Mostly I'm really excited for each new milestone, but sometimes I remember that they only get bigger. They'll never be this little again. Once they can crawl, and then walk, they won't want to spend so much time cuddled in our arms! And like many people tell me all the time, blink and they'll be in kindergarten! It's already fun to look back at their hospital pictures; we so quickly forget how small they were! Whenever I see new moms at our Friday group, I think the boys never could have been that small! As they get bigger, I wonder what their personalities will be like, and how they'll change. Holden seems more serious, and Henry maybe a little more easygoing. But in general, they both seem very sweet (if a little spoiled because they know someone will pick them up when they cry!) I'm sure I'll like them no matter what, but it'll be fun to get to know them as little boys instead of babies. I look forward to seeing them become more aware of each other, and how their "twin bond" will develop.

I wonder if I'll be working at a school again, or if I'll try to make staying at home work for a while longer. Maybe I'll teach more private students, or work a few days somewhere. But who knows how life will really look in a year. We had no clue what was in store for us in February 2012 a year ago, so anything could happen in the next year. We'll have made it through a first birthday party (man am I excited to start planning for that!) and a second Christmas, where they'll have much more of an idea of what's going on. I guess I'll just have to look back on my blog next year, and see if I was even close to predicting any of the exciting stuff that will happen this year. I guess that's the whole point of having a blog! :) So for now, I'm going to go enjoy the babies at the stage they are now, and be thankful they're in my life. Oh, and throw the laundry in the dryer...

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