Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Pictures

Here are some pictures from our first Valentine's as a family. My mom sent me flowers and a balloon (flowers for me, balloons for babies cause they love to play with them!) Pictures of the boys, Henry in the first one, Holden in the second. A picture from our Valentine's play date: baby Eleanor, Henry, Ian, and Holden. The pictures were pretty funny, Eleanor didn't want to open her eyes (probably didn't want to look at all the crazy boys around her) and the progression of pictures was too funny; they kept scrunching together and slowly falling over! So this was probably the best of the four of them. The playdate was great, it made the day go by so fast for me! Love chatting with other mommies, and our house has PLENTY of baby equipment to keep everyone busy. :) Alex made me a nice steak dinner, but we didn't really get to enjoy it, due to whining/crying/fussing babies. I think the teething process has definitely started, but they also didn't really get a good afternoon nap. But hey, we tried! He also got me an icecream cake from DQ, since that's what I wanted for my "present". And last, a picture of me with my favorite Valentines! (Excuse my not-attractive look, I was more concerned with getting the boys dressed and in the picture, and forgot to do anything about myself!) And last, a family picture!! Me and my three boys, what a lucky girl I am!!




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